Custom handcrafted mosaic art and mosaic garden rocks

Custom Mosaic Art

Bumble Bee garden rock. Made with fire polished beads and other glass tesserae

Hello All, My name is Lindsay Thompson, Owner and Artist of Midnight Mosaic Creations. Three years ago my husband and I decided to move back to the PHX AZ area from WA after retiring from the Navy to be close to family. While I lived in WA I had many colorful flower gardens, but here in the desert, flower gardens are not as common. I missed my flower gardens and love being surrounded by color. After searching for a way to fill my yard with color and beauty I found and fell in love with the many different styles that mosaic art and mosaic garden rocks could bring to my world. I have also had the pleasure of caring for many beloved pets as a pet sitter both in WA and then in PHX AZ for over 10 years and studied marine biology and wanted to incorporate animals and wildlife into my mosaic art.

Sandy Beach Vase

I searched for ideas to make my rock garden as colorful and beautiful as my flower gardens and to convey my love for animals in my work as well. I started out my journey to teach myself in handcrafting garden rocks and stepping stones as well as other unique pieces of mosaic art to place in my rock garden, around my yard, patio and in my home. I have learned that In the world of mosaics there are no boundaries and no set rules, you are only limited by your own imagination. I love to make my pieces unique and make each one different from the other.  I  hope that these beautiful colors and images of my mosaic creativity will bring you the same joys as they have brought to me.

Heart and paw garden rock

My custom handcrafted mosaic art, mosaic glass art, wall art and mosaic rocks are made with the highest quality beads, gems, Swarovski crystals and mosaic tiles of all shapes and sizes. I also use stained glass and other natural elements added to my pieces of art. All of my work is grouted and sealed to withstand the test of time. I grout my rocks with a special additive to make the grout strong and then sealed to withstand the outdoors and constant fluctuations in weather. The stones I use for the rocks will be different in size and shape as they are natural stones. There are several options for the stepping stones and are standardized depending on the type of paver used. I use natural stones and stepping stones from local nurseries and local hardware stores. I also repurpose many items that I have found while out shopping at thrift stores, such as wood and other glass pieces and vases.  

Mama and baby rhinos hidden in the bushes. Made with hand cut iridescent  and other stained glass.

Featured Product

Featured Product

This beautiful Mama and Baby Rhinos hidden in the bushes is made with high quality hand cut iridescent and other stained glass. I have also used Swarovski Crystals for the eyes and the center of the large blue flower. Czech glass and fire polished beads were used throughout this piece. After adhering each piece with a weather proof silicone and left to set for 24 hours,  it was then grouted. I use a special additive in my grout to make it strong and to withstand most weather conditions. After the grout has cured I buff the piece and seal it to keep it protected.  

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